Montag, 11. Juni 2012

New labs application: Sensorfilter

If you've been watching the PS Move API repository recently, you might have noticed the new "labs/" subdirectory. In there, I'll push some small utilities that I use for debugging and visualization of the current inner workings of the library. The first tool to be put there is "sensorfilter", which is a quick visualization utility that I wrote for testing the new sensor filtering and calibration APIs. It makes use of both PSMoveFilter and PSMoveCalibration, as well as the original PSMove API. With a properly calibrated controller, you can get good readings (again, I've moved the controller a lot for this screenshot):

The slider at the left controls the current low-pass filter implementation's alpha value (i.e. how quickly should the sensor values converge to the newly-read value). As the sensor filter API is kept modular, it's possible to try to stick other sensor implementations in there without having to change client applications (of course, if there are tweakable settings, the client application has to know about these). With the Sensor Filter utility, it's easy to try out new filters and to sanity-check the calibration code.

The utility is available on in the "labs/sensorfilter" subdirectory. Have a look at the README file to find out how you can build it. It depends on Qt 4 (tested with 4.8).

Plans for the next few days:

  • Have a look at the OpenCV status, provide feedback to Benjamin
  • Try improved sensor filtering algorithms and compare them
  • Finish the calibration backend code, supporting USB "calibration blob" modes
  • Clean up and document the code, extend the Python and Java bindings

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