Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2012

hidapi on Linux: Now supporting hidraw enumeration

As I've been posting about previously, I've been working on a hidapi patch to get device enumeration working correctly for Bluetooth HID devices on Linux. After about two months, and thanks to the great support and feedback of Alan Ott (the hidapi maintainer), the patch landed in mainstream hidapi yesterday.

How does this benefit the MoveOnPC project? It now allows us to use the PS Move Motion Controller under Linux via Bluetooth and without having to resort to source-code-level hacks. For most users, this will just be a transparent improvement.

In other news, I've been working with Benjamin yesterday on getting his OpenCV code working on Linux, and while it worked, the LED writing did cause a noticeable pause every 4 seconds. Fixing this by using my experimental "multithreading" branch did help, but we had to increase the delay for the initial calibration blinking. I hope to look into possibilities to improve this for Bluetooth devices on Linux, so that we get the same write performance as on OS X and Windows.

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